Perilaku Prososial Malam Tahun Baru

Tanggal 31 Desember 2014, saya, Ferry Said dk (dan konco), Han Farhani, Ode dan Alra, minum kopi di depan BNI. Mereka ini musisi-musisi Malang Raya kalau lu tanya. Mereka ngopi, saya minum brem. Baru dua teguk ketika ada bunyi bruk di samping pos satpam.

Waktu kami ke sana, seorang anak 17an, Continue reading


Moving On To Something New

Today is the last day, I lock up the old house.

Locking away the memories, the heartbreak, the sorrow

Saying goodbye, leaving this place.

Moving on, to something new, missing the memories of me and you

The memories of opportunity, security and treasure.

Memories that hold feelings that can’t be measured.

Moving on to another view, longing for what i had before with you

Longing for the comfort, the excitement, the intimacy

The future we never had, i’d give anything to see.

Opening the door with a new key, but finding it hard to move on you see

As i still hold near to my heart the key.. You left me

Joe Shaw